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   Discovery Zone: Plugins
We at feel that the first rule of plugins for 3DStudio is simple: LEARN TO USE MAX FIRST! If you can't make good use of the built in tools, plugins are not going to get you anywhere, and will be more of a handicap than help. That said, plugins can also be great tools and alot of fun. There are tons of them out there, so we have compiled a few of the most usefull freeware plugins here, with descriptions (no need to go digging through sites downloading zips of who knows what!)
Mesh Tools
This zip contains four handy plugins by Andrey Zmievski, most notably EditMesh2, which is probably the most needed plugin around. It adds sorely needed functionality to mesh editing, including improved selection tools and face beveling! You need this.

Glow Baby
Glow Baby is a video post plugin for advanced glow effects. It gives you quite a bit more control over parameters than the glow effects built into Max. Use it carefully...

Super Glow
Ok, you can never get enough glowies! This video post plugin gives you a simple interface that creates very nice glow effects (I guess you can make lighning too).

Max Surfaces
This zip contains several great prodeedural mapping plugins from Ishani. Included is Stratus, which comes in really handy for making nebulae, glow effects, basically anthing you might have used cellular or smoke maps for.