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   Discovery Zone: Meshes
   Ok, so you've seen some great pictures, glanced at the tutorials, but you want to make some pictures now! Or maybe you want to examine some models just to see how things are done. Well, you've come to the right place. We have several excellent meshes for download, some with textures, some without. These are yours to use as you see fit, but we'd appreciate it if you provide credit for the models when publishing artwork. New meshes will be added as they become available. NOTE: All meshes are in .max format unless otherwise noted. Lightwave conversions were made by Rob Caves.




Generic Starship Textures
A zip file of some generic panel textures, including weathered and clean textures, plus a nice aztec pattern in .psd, .ai, and .jpg format (5.3MB). Get just the .jpg's here (964Kb).


Negh'Var v3.0
Mesh by Tachy. No textures.
Akira v4.0
Mesh by Tachy & Pedro. Fully textured.

Starbase 99
Mesh by Tachy. Fully Textured.

Textures :here
TOS Miranda v1.0
Mesh by Tachy. Fully textured.


BorgCube v3.0
Mesh by MaxPayn. Fully Textured.

Voyager prototype v1.0 (unfinished)
Mesh by Tachy, 3DSMAX 2.5 version
Full Bridge Section
Mesh by Tachy, 3DSMAX 2.5 version

.3ds Version

U.S.S. Saratoga
Mesh+textures by Tachy, 3DSMAX 2.5 version


Mustang Class Runabout
Mesh by Tachy and textures, 3DSMAX 2.5 version

Droid Starfighter
Mesh+textures by Pedro, 3DSMAX 2.5 version

Freedom Class
Mesh and texures by Pedro, 3DSMAX 2.5 version

Freedom Textures
Daedalus Class
Mesh and texures by Darrell Lawrence, Lightwave version

Steamrunner Class
Mesh by Tachy,textures by Mojoman LIGHTWAVE ONLY version (special edition)


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