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OK, reminder, you already have a ship that looks like that since it is a trek ship.

1 - Shoot me, baby!
Ok.Grab a camera and put it wherever you want in the scene, it doesn't matter.
Draw a Circle (Spline) around the ship. Select the Camera, go to the Motion panel.Click on Assign Controller and a list of green things is now displayed.
Click on Position:Bezier Float, click on the little green triangle above and then click on PATH.explaination here
Now you have the camera almost ready to follow the the PATH menu , click on Pick Path and select the circle spline.Then click on follow and Constant velocity.
When you have done this, you can now see the camera moving by moving the bar at the bottom of the interface, the one where it's written 0/100. Now your animation is setup to be 100 frames only.In the next lesson we'll see how to increase the time limit and we'll also learn how to use the Deadly Track View.

2 - Render me , baby !

Go straight to the Video Post.Add a camera and whatever effects you feel apropriate to add.add an Output event ( avi) and render the full 0 - 100 range.
And you are Finished.
Of course, you can move the ship along a path instead of the camera, or move both....well, do what u want anyway :)