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  Discovery Zone : Make a Mine!

16. Now we will see if you have been paying attention (if not read back), join the to shapes (the two joint boxes) through the edit mesh modifier. After that you have something looking like this.[Figure 21]

17. Now we will make these holes in the sphere by using a boolean object. Select he sphere, either by clicking on it or in the list menu. Now select the create-tab and the geometry-tab and click on the small arrow select compound objects and select Boolean2. [Figures 22 and 23]

Figure 21
pic23.JPG (46348 bytes)


Figure 25
pic27.jpg (47487 bytes)


18. Now press pick operand b and click on the for (jointed) boxes(or select them from the list menu, the button left to the move,rotate and scale button). Check the parameters so A=Sphere and B=Box, also check that you have selected Subtraction (A-B) (=default). [Figure 24]

Now you will have made the thruster holes and the look like this. [Figure 25]


19. We will make the (impulse) red light now. As with a lot of things you can do this in a zillion ways, for example, by applying a multi-sub object as a texture, or the way we will do it by detaching the faces of the sphere and by doing so turning them into a separate object.

Select the sphere in the top-view and go to the modify tab and click on edit mesh click on the sub-object and select face. [Figure 26].

20. A long movable list will show, scroll it down for now and look at the view screen. You will see the the sphere being white and some faces(from the boolean) red. Red means selected so now we will manually select the faces for the light. Change the top-view in the bottom view by right-clicking  on the TOP word and then views and select bottom. [Figure 27]

Select al the faces you want(see image). For more view click on the Min/Max Toggle-Button. [Figure 28]


Figure 27
pic27.jpg (27453 bytes)

Figure 29 pic32.jpg (60606 bytes)


21. Zoom in, select the Select object-arrow(pic31.jpg (1140 bytes)) and start clicking on the faces press and hold CTRL on the keyboard to select multiple faces. You will see eventually something like this below. Now click on the Detach-button, a screen will prompt change the name to lights and press OK. [Figure 29]


22. Now give the new object (lights) a different color(red). Press on the Shape Color, press current color a slider will appear move it to the red area(top-left or top-right) and press OK. [Figure 30]

23. Select the sphere and the middle box(press and hold CTRL for multiple selection) and change their color to green.

Rotate the Sphere and the Lights 22,5 degrees using the bottom view so the thruster holes are aligned to the straight side(Press Rotate button in the bottom-view press and hold an move in the low-left you can see your turning in degrees, or fill in the number. You know how). The only thing we need to do now is copy and rotate the sphere and lights. Select them both go to edit and clone as before.


Figure 30
pic33.jpg (45849 bytes)


24. Before rotating it 180 degrees set the Use Pivot Point Center buttonpic34.jpg (1211 bytes) back to the first one out of three, then rotate the copies 180 degrees using the left view. Right click the move button and move it up 30 units. End with rotating the copies in the bottom-view by 45 degrees so the thruster are nicely aligned. [Figure 31]

Ok now where done with the basic model, it look like this. [Figure 32]

Figure 32
pic36.jpg (38831 bytes)

Figure 36
pic38.jpg (42200 bytes)


25. Now I now it's not much to look at  yet we will work on that in the next tutorial but I'll learn you how to render here as well. In the menu press Rendering and Render (or press the render button on the far right ( you may have to scroll it visible).  [Figure 35]

A screen will appear you can specify a few things but mostly that will be output size. To render press the render-button. [Figure 36]

  Figure 37
pic39.jpg (4425 bytes)

Figure 38
pic40.jpg (6201 bytes)


26. After rendering is complete you can store the image by pressing the save button, then specify a name and format(but I think you know that sort of stuff). [Figure 37 ]

You can change the perspective view by pressing the 'rotate' button and click and rotate in the perspective view. [Figure 38]



Ok for now that's all folks. In the next tutorial 'How to detail a mine!' we will detail the model and see if we can prepare for visual effects. In the third tutorial we will make the visuals and the animation. Good luck people.

If you have any question feel free to ask me! Send mail to, or contact me at ICQ on number 27906797.

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