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Now we will texture! We will work through the basic techniques necessary to texture. We will texture with 3 texture maps which you can download here. But what you should do is make them yourself by using programs like Illustrator, PhotoShop, Paintshop Pro and even windows95's Paint or any other drawing program you feel comfortable with. I will show you the various effects by using the same texture map which is called mine-plateox2.jpg this is a common texture found on the web(I don't know who made it, so I apologize for not giving credits). The other textures are for the sphere and a general hullcolor for the mine. Extract the textures to the 3dmaxs\map-directory (or not to loose yourself in all the textures you will make in the future) make a separate map in this directory (like I did) and give this a relevant name, say 'mine'.

Ok lets begin by preparing our shapes for texturing. We must apply mapping coordinates. If you have been paying attention during the 2 tutorials you will know that in the first tutorial I stressed that you check the Mapping Coordinates Square whenever you created a shape. In this tutorial I didn't do that, why because now you will have to apply the UVW-Map modifier, so the texture will display correctly. Of course you guessed it, I did this on purpose. To explain UVW, this is the equivalent to XYZ only for textures. Ok enough talk select the middle of the mine and go to the Modify-tab select UVW-map. It is set on Planar as default, change this to Box. The default is set to stretch the UVW-map to fit the shape automatically, but to be sure you can press the fit-button (figure 15). Now you should have something that looks like figure 16.

figure 16
figure 20

Repeat the exact same thing for the orange-shape. Same for the spheres and the lights. For the console we will make a Planar type. Pay attention that the alignment is correct(you can change this by selecting the X,Y or Z above the Fit button. For the spheres and the lights we want them to be aligned so we have a square from the top(you would wrap the texture on it from the top down. For the console do the same so the rectangle is around the console. For all the shapes(except the orange-shape) pressing the UVW-Map modifier places everything the way we want it to be!

Select the middle part of the mine and go to the material editor. Do this by pressing Tools in the menu and select Material editor or select the Material editor-button (you may have to scroll to see it). As you can see I have set SHIFT+M to allow to call upon the material editor, you can do this in the preference menu (I will not go into that here) (figure 17).

Ok a lot of sub-menu's will be available through the Material Editor. It's actually very easy but it may be overwhelming so take it slow if you can't keep up. Press the first sphere. Change the Shading to Metal. Change the Shinness and Shinness Strength to 15 and 27 (figure 18). Now scroll the entire menu down until you see a + followed with Maps if this is not open press on the Maps-button. Press the Diffuse line on None and a menu will appear allowing you to use different prepared texture-effects. We will use the Bitmap option, press once and press Ok (or double-click Bitmap, figure 19). A new menu will appear and all we have to do is press the blank Bitmap button. A regular windows screen appears in which you have to select the Mine-Hullcolor.jpg-File, look for it where you placed it and select.

To return to the maps-section press the go to parent-button . Ok repeat the same thing for the Shinness-section only use the Mine-plateox2.jpg-File. Now to show some more effects for the mine. Return to the Maps-section move over the Shinness line and above the file-designation PRESS AND HOLD AND DRAG straight down to the Shinness Strength (a arrow with a box appears). Release when above the empty (none) section. A screen will appear asking for Copy, Reference and Instance choose copy. You will see that you now have another effect for the texture. Change the value (100) for the Shinness Strength to 50. Once more drag this mine-plateox2-file to the bump line, leave the value at 30. Ok eventually you have something like figure 20.

Now the only thing left to do is to assign this material to the middle shape (remember we selected it in advance, if you forgot don't worry simply drag the material editor to the side of the screen, select the middle shape and return to the Material Editor) we do this by pressing the Assign button(in red in the picture above). If things are dazzling in front of you take a short break and read this part again, and familiarize yourself with the various menu's.

We still have a few more materials to create so select the second sphere in the Material Editor. Repeat the same steps only use the Mine-Top-file now (still use the Mine-Plateox2 for the rest) and now rotate this with 22,5 degrees to get it just between the cutouts in the shape (figure 21). Ok assign this material to the two spheres. We still need 3 more materials. Let's continue with the lights. No just wait before we do this it's time to discuss the real hard things of modeling DECISIONS. As these are lights the will be illuminated but do we also need to wear them by applying the Mine-Plateox2-file? How would this be in real space? I for one don't know. So do what you think looks best. For now (to keep it simple) we won't use the Mine-plateox2 for the lights.

Ok select both light-shapes and go to the Material Editor, select the third material. Change the Shading to metal click on the diffuse color and make it red or type in the values at the RGB-section. Change the Shinness, Strength and Illumination to 15, 27 and 100 (figure 22).

Figure 22
Ok now we can make the orange-material. We will to this by selecting the first material(for the middle-piece) press and hold and drag to the 4th sphere(material) in the material editor(press OK). Now we must rename this material as we have copied it(if we don't we use a double material and we will have a problem assigning them to the shapes). Now remove the diffuse-file by dragging a 'none' over it or clear the check box in front of it.

Change the RGB-color of the diffuse to 255,120,30 or any other orange you like and assign the material to the orange shape (figure 23). If you think this doesn't match the color in the Mine-Top.jpg file I agree. If you want to use this color make a texture-file with a small part of orange similar to the Mine-Hullcolor file and use this. Now we only need to do the console. If you wish you can make a texture-file for this too, but I leave that to you. I just apply a color with the Mine-Plateox2-file. I won't explain this one it's a combination of what we've done before(more of the same). Just copy the orange one and change the name and color and assign. Now you can close the material editor, the mine is complete.

Ok we have done everything for now I believe. I will leave you with an easy way to make stars so you have something of a scene. Go to the material editor select the 6th sphere (by the way you can change this to a box or cylinder by pressing the right-upper small sphere button). Go to the diffuse map and instead of selecting bitmap as we did last time, select Noise. Change to Turbulence, size 0,01 and high=0,6 low=0,35 and levels=1,0. While changing these values rename the map-name to stars. The values can be changed to your personal preferences just keep in mind how space looks and the size should be not much bigger than I have it here, just experiment a bit if you feel these stars are incorrect. But I think the give a pretty good starfield. If you have the program Universe you can make a file and use it here. Only then choose bitmap instead of noise and apply the image (figure 24).

Now go to the Render-menu and select Environment. Press the None button (figure 25). Change to Mtl Editor and select diffuse: stars (noise) and press Ok (figure 26). MAX will jump to instance and press ok. Ok now you have a complete mine and some stars. In the first tutorial I told you how to render so rotate the perspective as you please and render. Keep in mind that we have not set up any lights and the lighting is MAX-default. If you found the lights, you're free to experiment (there in the create tab beside the geometry and shapes). Here is a small rendering I did.

Looks pretty nice for a mine, or not? I hope yours looks the same? Note the various effects of shinness (strength) and bump being realised with only one texture!

If you have any question feel free to ask me! Send mail to, or contact me at ICQ on number 27906797.

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