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   Discovery Zone: Detail a Mine

Detailing a Mine
By Cooper

Last time we made the BASIC(step 1) mine. In this second tutorial we will detail(step 2) it and texture(step 3) the mine. With this we will have completed the three step process of making a model. In the Third and last tutorial for this mine we will discuss simple animation and some visual effects.

To allow to make the best models possibly you should try to add as many details in the model, but this is hard for several reasons. First a PC won't be able to keep up and rendering will take forever. So we take refuge in the textures. For this mine we can actually model many details, but you can also make textures to get the same result.

The sides of the mine will be actual details in the model the orange line will be a texture. Furthermore we will add some textures to make the model look better.

Ok let's begin, first open MAX and the model you made last time. If you didn't get it right download my example ZIP-File.

First thing to do is to rotate the entire mine so one of its sides is aligned with the grid. Select the Bottom(or Top) view Select the Select object arrow and drag a box around all the shapes. Now give a right click on the rotate-button(or manually rotate) and rotate 22,5 degrees. Now the shapes will be aligned to the grid (

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we can make the sides. Now if you study the STDS9-episode you will see that the sides are green with an orange bar in it and that one is a console and is a bit bigger than the others. Select the Front View and use the Region Zoom button to zoom in a bit.

Select the Create-tab, select Shapes, select Splines and click on Rectangle. (figure 2) Now Select the Keyboard Entry and fill in the values for you're shape (0,15,-30 and 20,10,2) and press Create. Pay attention to the fact that you need to be in the Front View! Otherwise the XYZ-coordinates will be inverted. (figure 3) Now repeat this step, using these values: 0,15,-30 and 12,5, 2,5, 0,5. (figure 4) You now will have something that looks like this.

figure 3
figure 5

I intend to teach you something about the ability of splines and the modifiers you can use on them. We will copy the small rectangle and then join a small one and the big one. After this we can both extrude the joined and small spline and give them green and orange colors. Why do we join a small one and a big one, because when extruding it it will create a hole in the large spline in the shape of the small one and the other small one will fit in perfectly. We can also achieve these effects by making a textures, but what we can do in the model (without compromising size and rendering time too much) you should do in the model. Ok lets copy the small one. Select Edit and Clone in the menu. Next, go to the Modify-tab and select Edit Spline. If all is well the copied small spline will be selected. Scroll down(using the 'hand') and click on the Sub-Object to change from selected(yellow) to not selected(grey). Click on the Attach button (figure 5). Now click on the large spline and they will merge into one spline and they look like this(you can't see the small spline only the joined one, figure 6).
Now we can extrude both shapes, we can do this separately for both of them or we can do this together. Select both splines by clicking the Select by name button . Select the two Rectangles(you may have to check there names) and press select (figure 7). Now click on the Modify-tab and select Extrude. The Only thing you have to fill in is the Amount=0,5 you might also check the Generate Coordinates button at the bottom (figure 8). Ok In the first tutorial I showed you how to change the color for the shapes, change them to green and orange. You now have something looking like Figure 9. Now select the two extruded shapes and copy them, again using Edit->Clone. Move the copied shapes up by 59,5 units on the X axis, using the Bottom view and right clicking the Move button.

Select one of the Orange-side shapes and go to the Modify tab, create an Edit Mesh and click the Sub-Object so it turns grey and press the Attach button. Attach the other Orange shape (select it out of the list or click on it (this will be hard as the green shape will be there as well, if you select the wrong one press the undo-button). Do this for the Green-side shape as well. First unselect (press Attach) the orange one and repeat the procedure for the green one.

Figure 9
Figure 11
What you have now is the basis to create the other sides very quickly. We need to copy them and rotate them. Let's do this select both the shapes the green and orange one. In order not to get confused change the names of the rectangles to green and orange respectively. Ok be in the Bottom or Top view and select them both orange and green shapes, copy them and right click the rotate button fill in 45 as Z and you will see it rotate to the sides not yet used (figure 10). Now after the rotation the copied shape will stay selected and the rotate menu will be there as well. Just copy(3 times) and fill in 45 until all side are done. Now it looks like figure 11.
The only thing left to do is to remove one 'side' and replace it with a console. Select the Front view and select the front facing orange side. Go to the Modify-tab and select Edit Mesh select Sub-object(make it yellow) and select vertex (figure 12). Now use the Select object arrow and select the front vertices. Press the delete key or scroll down in the Edit Mesh menu and press delete. Repeat this for the green side as well, leaving you now with seven sides on your model and none on the front side (figure 13).

I have discussed Edit Mesh and Attaching several times now, so now I want you to use this technique to make one mesh for the green center piece(including all 7-sides and the center piece of the mine) and one for the orange img\figure. Begin by selecting the center piece(and attach the green sides). This leaves you with 2 spheres, the centerpiece, the orange sides and 2 red lights. Now using the same step as making the sides we will add the console. Select the front view and go to the Create-tab, Shapes-tab, Splines and Rectangle. Go to the Keyboard Entry and fill in these values(1,15,-30) and (22,5,11,2.5) and press create. Finally Extrude this side similar as before with 0,5. Change the color if you wish to a darker color and now all is finished and it looks like figure 14. The mine is now finished that is Basic Modeling and Detailing. We can move on to texturing...

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